Saturday, May 5, 2012


I have a problem.....I can be big enough to admit it.
I am a craft/ yarn/ food junkie, literally.
Today didn't really help me any.
To tell this story properly I must begin A few weeks ago.....My favorite yarn shop sent  an email, saying that they were going to have a Yard/Yarn Sale and I got super excited I vowed then that I would not purchase ANY yarn till the sale and would have a budget of 40$ to spend on the sale total. So I have had the yarn shakes for the past few weeks but finally made it today SALE day, I was the first one in line, by far the youngest there, and had my own big reusable bag and a pocket full of cash. As soon as the sale started I was off to the races "grabbing" every skein I could possibly love and putting it in my bag. I was polite, didn't push, shove or act rude like some of the other much older women there.....
the total damage ended up being 50$ even (a smidge over my budge)
and over 22 skeins ,
which with a little research and tallying ended up being worth over 250$
I wonder if they insure wool?
so my stash has grown, and I have already started a project with some of the new yarn...oops!
Addictions are okay I think, well.... in moderation.
but my yarn beast is fed well and will rest for a long time, hopefully!
I have atleast done the 1st of the average 12 step, but seriously doubt if I can go any futher into my recovery.....I'm not ready yet!!!!!
thanks for listening you guys I'll post my projects really soon (and maybe a tutorial or two?)
don't addicts have to stick together?
welp I'm here if ya need me


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